I address theoretical and applied conservation and community ecology questions and frequently collaborate with economists, mathematicians, practitioners, and other ecologists. My research combines modeling, statistical analyses of observational datasets, and field surveys in marine systems to address the below research areas. My primary focus during graduate school has been two-fold. First, I’ve researched links between biodiversity and ecosystem services and decisions about their optimal conservation in the face of uncertainty. Second, I’ve studied coral reef fishes and their ecology and management. 

Research interests:

  • Managing for biodiversity and ecosystem services 
  • Conservation decisions in the face of uncertainty
  • Climate change and ecosystem services (to date primarily fisheries)
  • Sustainable fisheries management
  • Bio-economic approaches, including the applications of dynamic optimization and decision theory to ecology and conservation biology


Steven D. Gaines, Steve J. MillerDaniel J Thornhill, Kate S. Boersma, Jennifer Caselle, Lindsey Peavey, Michel De Lara, Christopher Costello, Dick Startz, Sarah Lester, and others.